It's great to meet you!

Let us introduce ourselves, and soon you'll see we're business consultants with a difference. 


 Cat Metcalfe, Founder 

Cat Metcalfe founded Brand Anthem in 2019 after many years of working with the founders of successful high-growth and FTSE 250 merger and acquisition businesses. With a background in strategic marketing, Cat has a real passion and skill in helping businesses to understand what makes them different and how they make a difference – their purpose. She met Fiona at a networking event a few months later, and the rest, they say, is history…

 Fiona Phelps, Business Psychologist 

Fiona Phelps is a business psychologist with commercial experience. Her passion is helping businesses to understand how to set themselves and their people up for success. She’s learnt first-hand by leading commercial teams through change in a rapidly growing business. Her skills include development coaching and programmes, behaviour change, leadership coaching and change management.

Together, we work with businesses to help them define their purpose and create clarity on what to prioritise to drive the next phase of growth. 

 So what makes us different?  

We really listen. 

We take time to understand what you, as the business leader, want to achieve. We’ll help you get there sensitively, with full consideration for what is going to work for you and your team. 

We’re commercially astute. We have started our own businesses. Persevered to find growth. Created the brand and business story to win customers and employees.

We have felt the exhilarating, painful company growth spurts. Worked all the hours to keep delivering at a high standard for clients throughout. Sound familiar?

We understand what keeps teams motivated, and how to build structure, processes, capacity as you grow. We understand it's not easy. 

 Our mission is to enable your business to excel in the next phase of growth. 



Have you grown at such a rate that it’s not clear what to prioritise? Do you struggle to know where to focus your time, energy and money?

Are you looking to exit the business in future without feeling like it will change beyond recognition?

Or are you leading a newly expanded business and want support in creating a clear, shared identity and story that makes sense to all of your stakeholders?

We can help! We’ll start with defining your purpose to understand what makes you unique, then look at how you can keep winning and bring all of your team together in the process.

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